November 2017


November 2017

The weather is beginning to feel more like Winter instead of Fall! I enjoy this time of the year as we can have some beautiful days. As a family, I know this time of year; with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, is a very busy time of the year! There never seems to be enough time in the day or week to get things accomplished. As of Monday, November 6th, there are only 28 school days until Winter Break! Even though it is a busy time, I hope each of you can enjoy some fun, family time together!

With the passing of October, we brought the first quarter to a close. The students transitioned nicely into the school routine during the first quarter and I want to thank all parents/guardians that contributed to making our parent teacher conferences a success at our schools once again.   

November 13th through the 17th is American Education Week. Make sure that you say “Thank You” to a teacher for everything they do for kids in the Barnes-Hanover-Linn School District. Teachers’ put in a lot of extra time helping students and it is nice for them to hear positive comments from students, parents and patrons of the district. So, this thanksgiving, maybe for a brief moment, let’s find a way to say thank you to our teachers. 

On behalf of USD223, we would like to wish all our patrons a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect and be thankful for all the gifts that has been given to us.  This Thanksgiving, as you gather together with your family and friends for your Thanksgiving meal, as you laugh and play, please remember to reflect on the many blessings you have and remember those that are less fortunate, the sick and dying, and those that are serving in the armed forces away from their family.
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Brian Cordel,  USD223 Superintendent