The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back to the Principal’s Corner.  We are now only a few days away from Thanksgiving.  It is hard to believe that we have already reached this point in the year.  It was only yesterday that we were getting students on the first day, and now we are almost through the first semester.  In just a few short weeks our seniors will be half-way through their final year.  Hard to imagine.

To begin I want to say congratulations to the Linn FFA Dairy Judging team.  They finished 5th overall last Thursday, going against 22 other schools.  It was an incredible site to behold, seeing so many students at Linn.  Before we get into the individual accolades I really want to thank several people.  The first are Darren Bott, Linda Bott, Kami Smith, and Amy Bott for their efforts to make sure everyone of the over 300 people were served.  Also thank you to Royce Ohlde and Bott Farms for all of the panels they donated to help make the day possible.  Also Darren Mueller for aiding with organizing classes, and Andy and Claire for helping to get the school ready for the event, and then switching it over to basketball mode.  Also, thank you to Ohlde Dairy for the use of facilities.  It was a true spectacle, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of several people.  Now, we must also celebrate one special freshman.  Trent Beier finished 4th overall in the senior division.  A great finish for a young man just beginning his FFA journey.

Over the weekend we had two young women, and one dedicated sponsor travel down to Oklahoma City.  Mrs. Oehmke took Kaylee Oehmke and Carly Kolle to the National FCCLA Cluster Meeting.  This is the first time the Linn FCCLA has been able to attend this event, as the stars were able to align to make it possible this year.  Not only did these girls get to earn very valuable leadership training and experience, but they also had a great time meeting people from across the country who share their love of FCCLA.  It is great to see that our students were able to have such an amazing opportunity to grow.  Thank you Mrs. Oehmke for getting them down there.

This coming week, although short, we do have a few things going on.  First of all, at your time of reading this our varsity Scholar’s Bowl team will have finished their competition at Onaga.  In their first tournament they came close to breaking finals, but were in a crazy tight pool.  With the Onaga meet we are looking for them to continue their growth and bring some very strong performances.  So good luck to you students and Ms. Fischer.

Another new event this year is a post-secondary panel.  On Tuesday from 1-2 a group of young adults who have graduated from Linn and are currently in college/post-secondary training, or have recently finished it, will be coming to speak to our seniors about what it has taken them to be successful, and to share some wisdom and advice.  With this very current and first-hand knowledge we hope our soon to be graduates will be able to more seamlessly transition to post-secondary life!

This week marks Thanksgiving break.  We will not be in session for students from Wednesday the 22nd until Tuesday the 28th.  Teachers will be back on Monday the 27th.  We do hope that students and faculty enjoy the upcoming time with family and friends.  When we return from break we will only have three and a half weeks until the end of the first semester.  So, to all of our students, keep working hard because we are almost at the half-way point!

As I close out another article I want to push some good vibes to one of our Linn students.  Now, not many would think of Garrett Rippe as a tech nerd, but he did share a wonderful idea with our technology director, which could really improve the functioning of the whole district.  As parents you may know that recently the backgrounds of each Chromebook has been set to a district approved image.  Garrett came up with the idea of using this to advertise upcoming events at the school, this way more and more students would know what was going on.  It was a very inventive and creative idea, and made me happy in that instead of looking at something and thinking of something he had lost he saw it as an opportunity to improve the experience of everyone.  Great job Garrett.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers