The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Labor Day has come and passed.  That means that we are truly back to the action of education, and summer is at an end.  I loved getting to see all of the wonderful pictures from Palmer over the long weekend.  It is always nice getting to come together as a whole community and celebrate together.  That is one of the things that drew me to education, the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people celebrating the achievements of ourselves and others, for that is what education is all about, celebrating growth!

I want to take a moment to commend the work of the band students who played at Palmer over the weekend.  Some of these individuals even donated their time to the band as they were not able to make band fit into their schedule this year.  It was an awesome sight to see these young people coming together to help provide a wonderful experience for their communities.  Also, thank you to Mrs. Pachta for the hard work that goes in to making sure these students are prepared.

The coming weeks see us getting down to business.  For starters, the PUBS students are going to be back at it working on selling ad space for the yearbook.  This is such a great learning opportunity as well as serving a very good goal.  The work of these kids is what makes our beautiful yearbook possible.  If you are a business owner, please take the time to talk with these students if you haven’t already.  They are working to learn some very valuable skills as well as help to provide a great service to you.

September 9th our own Rick Hildebrand is being honored at the regional Kansas Teacher of the Year banquet.  Mr. Hildebrand will be in Salina at the country club to find out if he is moving on to the state level.  We know what a rare gift Mr. Hildebrand is.  We sincerely hope the rest of the state gets an opportunity to find out as well.

September 11th is picture day at Linn Public.  Parents you should be seeing your student’s packets coming.  This is always a fun day, seeing every kid looking their best and smiling for the photos.  Please be sure that the packets are filled out completely, with payment included for LifeTouch. 

The 13th will see a new activity at Linn Public School.  Konza Dental Services will be doing dental screenings at the school in the morning for grades K-8.  Parents, you should have received a form from your student explaining this.  The purpose of this service is to help families that do not currently have a regular dentist, or who are needing help with dental services.  If you do not want your child to participate in any extra services, please send the form back with the words opt out written on it.  If you only want your child to receive the screening you don’t need to do anything.  If you would like your student to receive future services, please fill out the information and send it back with your child to the school.  This is such a great service which will help some of our families who need it most, in a way we often forget.  Thank you to Konza for providing this.

Also, September 15th is homecoming.  Be on the lookout for oddly dressed students and fun activities in the coming weeks.

Now I have said this before, but I feel I should say it again, this article is not meant to be political, but rather to inform and to share a little about how my mind works.  With what I am about to write some may take it to mean that I am taking a certain political side.  That is not my intention, but rather to share a little about what it means to worry about children who are experiencing things that we may not understand.  Recently it has been shown that the protections of the “Dreamers” or DACA program will be removed.  This program is currently utilized by roughly 800,000 young people.  I personally know several young people that this program supports.  As we look at our very unique community it is known that many of our students use some of the benefits of this program to stay here and learn.  With these changes coming many of them may be worried and concerned with what will happen to them.  Youth has one major disadvantage, and that is uncertainty.  Now, many of the youths of our community have an added uncertainty facing them.  My ask is this: simply keep the children of our community in your thoughts in prayers that are going through this.  Ask for them to have guidance and clear thoughts as they move forward, for we are a community that cares about all of our children, and right now a few of them have one added thing on their plate.    

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers