The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  We are at an exciting time for the school year.  This week we will begin our fall sports season.  This time is great because of the general excitement over the potential of the season to come.  Nothing shows that more than the annual Meet The Bulldogs which occurred this past Friday.  What an amazing turnout.  It made me so happy to see so many people out celebrating our youth.  However, sports are not the only thing that is going on at our school this week, so every person will be very busy.

To begin, the yearly “Chart Your Course” meeting was held by Mr. Voelker.  This is his opportunity to meet with both students and families of our juniors and seniors.  He, as always, shared a true wealth of information about what is coming down the road for our youngsters as they prepare for life post Linn High.  As I said last year, there is nothing like seeing so many people come out in support of their students.  It amazes me that almost every single family takes the valuable time out of their day to come and gain this information.  This is true proof of how you care for your children and their futures.  I really want to thank Mr. Voelker for leading this.  He puts a ton of effort into this presentation, and I have been putting more on him to add to this, so thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas.  Upper classmen, keep working on your plan for the future.  Make sure you have your bases covered and the next step will be far less terrifying.

Also, Jostens has been at Linn High last week and this.  This is the opportunity for seniors to purchase all of their materials for graduation, as well as any senior year swag they are interested in.  For sophomores, now is ring season.  Students are able to design and purchase their rings for graduation.  Please be sure to be communicating with your students so that you are all on the same page as purchase orders are being made.

Our third and fourth grade students have a great opportunity this week to learn about one of the life bloods of our community.  The Washington County Ag Days will be August 29th, and the Linn students will be in attendance.  Students will be able to work hands on with many of the aspects of agriculture, and they will be better able to understand the role agriculture plays in our local communities as well as the world as a whole.  I really look forward to hearing their stories and seeing pictures from the day.

I also want to remind everyone that our high school parent night for volleyball is a week from Tuesday.  Our schedule is a little wild this year, with our first two games being at home and the rest on the road.  So, parents please be sure to mark your calendars for the 5th for parent appreciation night for high school volleyball.

Now, Labor Day is right around the corner.  The question is what does Labor Day mean?  Why do we celebrate it?  Well, I thought it important to talk about what Labor Day means to me.  As adults there is one thing that controls so much of us, work.  Getting up, doing our job, then getting back home for a few moments with our families before we go to bed so we can get up and do it again.  As much as we hate to say that we aren’t put here to work and die, many of us feel that grind.  This is why we push our kids to do well, so that when they are adults they can have a job that they love and are passionate about because it will be such a huge part of their lives.  It is what will force them to miss out on things at times.  So, to me, Labor Day is the day we celebrate everyone who gives everything they have so that the ones they love the most are taken care of.  On Monday, if you know someone who works hard, every day, misses things so that they can keep their family going even when it is hard, tell them thank you because you are what makes this place so special to live, for without their work we would not be as lucky as we are. 

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers