The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back!!  It is mid April, and the end of the 2016/2017 is in sight.  Along with that the weather has begun to dry out, and it is starting to feel like spring.  It is wonderful to see the students getting out and having fun.  

As we look back over the past week we first need to throw out some congratulations to a few students.  We’ll start with the Cloud County Community College Art Show.  This show had over 750 pieces of art for judging, and this year Cloud County only awarded 29 awards.  This means that a majority of schools that attended went home with nothing.  Linn was fortunate, well not really fortunate, but rather through hard work and determination earned two of the highly coveted awards.  Ricardo Cardenas earned second for his pottery, and Jonathon Ruacho and Ricardo Ruacho earned second for their collaborative work.  Along with that Linn also earned first, second, and third in the yearbook spread competition.  Simply put, the Bulldogs had a great day.  We are so proud of their work and are amazed at the passion they display.  If you have Instagram follow mrhildebrand_k12 to see even more of their work.

The next place we move to is Forensics.  Mrs. Friedrichs took a group to Valley Heights over the weekend and they were awarded with a state qualifier.  Congratulations to Josh Schmitz and Tiffany Mathis who qualified for state in Improvised Duet Acting.  Raven Roberson also finished fifth in Solo Acting Serious.  With all of the activities we had this day her group was smaller than usual, but the Bulldogs really performed well.  As a former forensics nerd it makes me happy to see kids stepping outside of their comfort zone and pushing their limits and being rewarded.  Keep breaking legs kids!

Our FFA team has also been on a roll.  Our agronomy team finished in first place last week at Beloit.  Individually we had Kalen Richardson in first, Evan Bott in third, and Aaron Stuenkel in fourth.  Linn truly dominated on this day.  These young men have done excellent this year, finishing high in almost every event this year, and more than that they have been keeping the tradition of agriculture strong in Linn and Washington County.  

This week we have a short week.  With good Easter being this weekend we will have no school on Good Friday, along with the following Monday.  However we still have a lot going on.

First, The band will be going to state large group music.  I have spent a bit of time listening to the kids getting ready.  They have been really working hard to bring their best to Concordia.  Mrs. Pachta, and myself, are confident that the kids will be giving it their best effort, and will show everyone that a pride and passion for the arts is alive and well in Linn.

This Friday marks the day for the annual Linn Blood Drive put on by the FCCLA.  Thank you to the students who are helping as well as the tireless Mrs. Oehmke.  If you have the opportunity I hope you can make it in to donate to this worthy cause.

Also, we have spring pictures on Thursday.  Students and families need to have their packets ready for pictures so that all can go as smoothly as possible.  Thank you in advance for helping to make sure this goes well.  

There are also several events coming in the coming weeks.  First is the community service day on April 21.  Thank you again to everyone who has helped and submitted items for this.  A special thank you goes to the Marysville sale barn for donating 100 pairs of gloves.  Also on the 21st FCCLA with have their Mother Daughter Tea.  Then on Saturday the Linn PTO will be hosting a bingo night.  This is a fun night for families to come together and enjoy some activities that will bring everyone together.  

One of the oddest words in the English language is change.  Not because of its spelling or phonemics, not even because of its meaning.  What is odd about it is what it is.  You see change is one of the few things in this world that we know is going to happen.  Nothing stays the same forever.  Just like how plants and flowers die only to come back again this time of year.  Things constantly change.  It is necessary.  Without it nothing gets stronger.  However, it is also terrifying.  We don’t know what it is.  We don't’ know what is going to happen.  It is hard to plan for it.  It lends to the saying of “The enemy you know is better than the one you don’t.”  I look at my own daughter and watch her change.  I think back to how small she once was, to where she is now, and I am so scared.  I want her with me forever, but I know that in changing, growing, she is preparing for a beautiful future.  So as we look out our windows and see the world changing and we get scared let us remember that to get where we dream of being we must change.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers