The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back!!  We have made it through March, and based on the weather we have had the past week April showers are likely to be in full effect.  Granted, we are pleased with the rain.  The whole community could use the rain, and after the replanting of the football field we really needed it at the school.  With that I think that is a good place to take off from.

Again, we had a couple of major developments in terms of construction.  The extended back lane has been very nice.  It provides a much safer path for students, and the families that come to support them.  Please continue to drive careful as even though the rain has helped to settle the rock, there is still the chance for sliding.  Also, we had the football field reseeded.  The recent rain has really been helpful for that grass, as you can already see the grass coming up in the middle, which has us all excited.  It is hard to stay away from it, especially for our track teams that are getting ready to compete.

Last week was another busy week as we prepared for the last season of the year.  Monday was exciting as we held our final Meet the Bulldogs of the year.  Thank you to all of the families and patrons who came to support their students.  Another special thank you to Greg and Amy Bott for all they did for this event.  The olympics were a ton of fun!  

From there we moved into another great showing for our FFA.  We sent a group to Cloud County Community College and they came back with a second place finish in the competition.  Kalen Richardson finished second, Evan Bott finished fifth, and Aaron Stuenkel finished eighth individually.  This was simply another great showing from our FFA team.  Mr. Smith and his kids have been really strong this year and they continue to make Linn proud.

Next, Wednesday we sent our students to the TVL Art Show.  Mr. Hildebrand was confident in this group.  In speaking with him we earned over 40 placers.  16 of those placers were first place.  This is such an amazing showing for our kids.  Mr. Hildebrand was very pleased with what the kids did, and every bulldog should be as well.  Mr. Hildebrand also stated that senior Armando Perales had one of the three best pieces at the show as the judges told him.  This is just the first show of the year, and with more to come we are sure to see more awards thrown the way of the students.  If you are interested in seeing more of the students’ work you can follow the art classes on Instagram at mrhildebrand_k12.

The end of the week saw students taking off for state FBLA.  We sent over a dozen students to participate in this competition, with a spot in the national competition on the line.  I have not received final results as of yet, but unofficially I learned  that it looks like some Linn High students will be heading to nationals.  This is such an incredible accomplishment for our students, and I am so proud of the awesome effort they have put in.

This coming week we start the final spring sports season.  Also, we are sending our FCCLA students to their state leadership conference.  Again, the students of Linn will be going against the best the state of Kansas has to offer, and we know they will not disappoint.  

I also want to say thank you to seniors Kaitlin Ohlde and Claire Ohlde for taking Jonathan Ruacho’s picture for this week’s senior profile.  Thank you so much ladies, and great job.

A quick reminder for those taking part, the ACT that is offered at Linn is this Saturday.  Students, make sure you have all needed documentation, plenty of supplies, and are getting adequate rest in preparation for this test.  Although standardized tests are not the only measure of success, and struggling on this one does not determine your future success, doing your absolute best will help you in terms of helping to get you where are hoping.

Another reminder is that April 21 is the Linn Schools Community Service Day.  This is our day when the students will be going out to help the communities that have supported them.  Forms are around the communities of Linn, Palmer, Barnes, and Greenleaf.  Turn those forms in to the school, or you can fill out the google form at  https://goo.gl/forms/YbRxciQBLNrQpSJF2.  I also want to give a special thank you to Bulldog Backers, the Weiche’s, and Jacks for helping to supply the meals for the students after the event itself.

As we get ready for our community service day I have really been struck by the generosity of the community.  So many people have been willing to give more of themselves to help us out.  I also have been having people struggle to think of ways to be helped because everyone here is so more worried about others than themselves.  I continue to be amazed at the generosity of Bulldog nation, and I could not be happier to be a member.  Thank you to everyone, simply thank you.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers