The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Well, I am sitting here, writing you this article right on the cusp of Spring Break.  It is a crazy feeling, being on the edge of a break like this Christmas break has a completely different feel than Spring break.  There is just a bit more excitement, and it is hard to tell why.  Maybe it is the sense of rebirth, the weather, the idea of going out and exploring.  Or, maybe it is because of how much is about to end and begin.  After Spring break we are looking directly at the end of the school year, and for twenty of our students we will be sending them off to a new life.  The world they have known for almost two decades will be ending, and they will be embarking on a very new chapter.  Maybe this is why Spring break has the feeling that it does.

As much as we are ready to look to the future, there are still a bunch of things happening in the here and now.  To begin I want to thank the community, teachers, staff, and students for helping us raise money during Rare Genes Week.  When all was said and done we were able to raise $452 for the Kool Kids Alliance.  This is so incredible, and it shows the giving spirit that is alive and well in Linn.  I appreciate this, but I know that Mr. Jeremy Miller and his family are very moved.  I’m going to copy an email that Mr. Jeremy Miller sent the staff:  

“I wanted to just take a moment to thank all of you for participating in the fundraising campaign.  The fundraising goes to the Kool Kid Alliance.  They use the funds to buy hearing aides, prosthetics, other physic aides, and many types learning aides for children with rare genetic diseases.  We will head back to Tennessee this Summer to catch back up on any new information from Kool Kid families. We went two summers ago and learned so much from other families and from Dr Koolen and Dr. DeVries. Dr. Koolen and Dr. DeVries will be there again this summer so it should be very informative.  I also wanted to reach out and thank all of you, especially those on the elementary end, for all that you do with Zach each and every day. Even if it is just a few words in the hall.  He has come so far this year.  I am so thankful that Zach was able to come to Linn.”

Again, thank you all so much for helping to make this possible.

Along with this we also had our Winter Sports Banquet.  I loved the banquet we had in the fall, and this one was just as awesome.  I love that we celebrate together, having the students and families really get to sit down and celebrate each other.  I also love that this night celebrates not just great athletes, but also great citizenship and what it means to be a member of the Linn community, what it means to be a Bulldog.  I want to say congratulations to all of our athletes for the honors they earned.  Special congratulations must go to those who earned their letters this year.  Along with that extra special honors go to Chase McGatlin, Dillon Cooper, Karsyn Smith, and Shelby Ohlde for earning all TVL honors.  Along with that we also have three student athletes who will be participating in all star games, congratulations to Kaitlin Ohlde, Karsyn Smith, and Chase McGatlin.  Not only do we have kids playing, but our own coach Jeremy Miller will be coaching the boys’ team.

The next big event was the Melodies of the Spring concert.  I was super pleased to see the turnout.  It was wonderful to see so many families supporting their children as they put on an amazing performance.  The students were incredible.  Really I can’t come up with a ton of glowing words because the students were that good.  They were incredible.  Each song built on the one before it and lead to an amazing crescendo!  Thank you Mrs. Marilyn Pachta for once again outdoing yourself and getting the kids to reach new heights, higher than the kids ever believed they could achieve.  It was such a pleasure to enjoy it.  

As we get ready to run off to Spring break I want to reflect on a conversation I had with a couple of families during the Winter Sports Banquet.  Now, I had been made aware, via Facebook and a student being absent, that we had some local farmers who were giving back to those devastated by the wildfires.  Often, Kansas gets forgotten.  These fires devastated families and whole communities, but I have found that this event has not received the attention that other such events have gotten when in more populated areas.  The conversation opened my eyes to the real horrors that these farmers had to endure.  I mentioned the money raised earlier, but it is really only a small part of what is really the giving heart of Linn.  Simply, thank you for letting me be a part of this community.  I am so happy that my daughter will get to grow up seeing what it means to give.  What it means to care about others.  What it really means to be selfless.  

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers