Academic Expectations

§Each and every student is expected to take responsibility for his/her learning by asking questions, completing work, attempting difficult or new concepts, and keeping a positive attitude.


§Be Prepared and Organized for Class.  Supplies that you need to bring everyday include your textbook, loose-leaf paper, pencils, ruler, protractor, compass and also a scientific calculator.  If you have corrective eyewear, I expect that you will wear it during class time. 


§Homework lessons are due at the beginning of the hour the following school day unless otherwise noted.  (NO late work is accepted unless it is because of an absence.) 

·Excused Absence:  One day grace period for each day that you were absent. 

·Unexcused Absence:  No credit will be given for that day’s work or anything due that day.  Please be advised that this is true for every type of assignment, including tests and projects.

·School Activity Absence:  Work must be turned in to me before you leave for the activity.

·Parent Permission Absence:  Most generally, these absences will be treated like a school activity absence.  I expect you to be communicating with me prior to these types of absences.

·If you must be absent from class, YOU are responsible for getting any notes or lessons missed.


§Students are expected to use the entire hour for math work and math work only; however, if a student should complete this work before the end of the hour, they should bring other academic work to class.  (Should you want to work on math in other classrooms, you should have that instructor’s permission first; should another instructor catch you working on math without their permission a score of zero will be recorded.)


§ Cheating on any type of assignment or test will result in a score of zero. 


§If you are in need of extra assistance with the studying process, you are encouraged to come in before school or after school for additional facilitation.  I am at school from 7:30 am in the morning (to answer questions on homework due for that day) and will generally stay until 4:00 pm. (to answer questions on homework that has been graded and returned to you OR questions on homework due the next school day)



Remember:  Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!!