ACT Prep Syllabus

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ACT Prep Course Syllabus

Susan K. Hagedorn, Instructor
Contact Information:
School Phone:  785-337-2281
Home Phone:  785-337-2533

Course Description:
The purpose of ACT Prep is to assist college-bound juniors and seniors to better prepare for the ACT examination. This course provides an overview of the ACT test, including the sub components: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Students are afforded ample time to complete simulated ACT examinations, which are dynamically generated.  Copies of the ACT Prep Guide and access to additional online resources will be provided for each student. Students will also execute career exploration options via top notch resources, including Onetonline, the Kuder Kansas Career Pipeline, etc.   

Course objectives include:

  • Developing and effectively implementing solid test-taking strategies and skills
  • Exposing students to a wide variety of reading texts, focusing on improvement in automaticity rate of reading and application of comprehension
  • Improving students’ understanding and usage of the English language, grammar, and composition
  • Amplifying critical and analytical mathematical cognitive skills
  • Amplifying scientific vocabulary, interpretation, and application coupled with extensive analysis ofpresented graphical data
  • Incorporating background schematic experiences with newly acquired applicable knowledge
  • Discovering importance of short term, intermediate, and long range goal setting
  • Fostering an appreciation for gained confidence in improvement ofACT composite and sub-scores in English, Reading, Math, and Science
  • Psychologically preparing for the ACT by implementing relaxation techniques and mental “warm-ups.”
  • Magnifying honest, open communication with instructor
  • Conscientiously integrating aspects of multiple intelligences for ALL students

Learning Outcomes Include:
Test-Taking Strategies

  • Students will utilize specific strategies to identify common patterns and distracters found on the ACT sub-component sections.
  • Students will learn the basic techniques of time management and pacing for optimum performance on the ACT assessment.
  • Students will accumulate helpful hints for usage prior to and during the ACT exam to increase their success.      

    ACT English Prep

  • Students will be able to analyze the basic rhetorical elements of writing; topic development of purpose; organization, unity, and coherence; and word choice, style, tone, and clarity.
  • Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage, sentence structure and formation, conventions of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and punctuation.

ACT Reading Prep


  • Students will comprehend and analyze reading passages focusing on main ideas, author’s approach, supporting details, sequence, comparative, cause-effect relationships, generalizations, and conclusions.

    ACT Science Prep

  • Students will disseminate the format of the science-reasoning test to understand the main focus of the test is centered on scientific process rather than scientific content.
  • Students will recognize and identify the three types of passages on the science-reasoning test.
  • Students will distinguish the irrelevant detail in the test passages
  • Students will gain knowledge in monitoring time management when looking at diagrams and tables on data interpretation of passages, refining pacing skills and strategies.
  • Students will determine important information to highlight tables and diagrams.
  • Students will estimate graphical information via interpolation and extrapolation.
  • Students will examine the conflicting viewpoints and conclude neither viewpoint as being correct based on provided information in the passage.

ACT Math Prep

  • Students will increase ability to quickly recognize and solve pre-algebraic problems
  • Students will utilize mathematic properties to simplify expressions and solving equations
  • Students will implement geometric and trigonometric properties to solve equations

Behavioral Expectations:

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Respect property

Academic Expectations:

  • Each student is expected to initiate and take responsibility for his/her learning and strive to reach optimal full potential.
  • Each student is expected to abide by the prescribed school policy and maintain an honest, open, reciprocal communication with the instructor.
  • Grades will be determined on a Pass/Fail basis.

This is an overview of my curricular intentions for the ACT Prep course.  Alterations of this plan may occur as my overarching priority remains that of assuring optimal student learning.  Contributing factors such as unexpected time constraints, valuable teaching/learning opportunities, unanticipated student responsive performance, and other unforeseen conditions may cause generation of amendments to this class syllabus/course outline. Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to learn with your child!