Grading Scale & Homework

What is the grading scale?










Below 65%

What is your homework policy?
Most work is due the next day. If it is not returned, I will allow each student another day to find and complete their homework. If it is not found and and returned we will complete it at school.‚Äč

Homework is generally due the next school day after it is assigned. All homework is due in the morning when it is collected.  Any homework not turned in when it is collected will be considered late.  If you are ill or gone you will have an additional day to finish your work. If you do not return a missing assignment I will send another copy home for you to complete. If that does not return, you will get to make it up during a recess. Students will typically have math for homework, 3-4 days a week they will have reading,  spelling words to study and science worksheets to prepare for tests. Please return the assignment sheet for 1st grade reading after listening to your child read.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.