Social Studies
      2nd Gr. Social Studies Syllabus
1st Nine Weeks 2nd Nine Weeks 3rd Nine Weeks 4th Nine Weeks
Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 4 Unit 6
Where We Live Our Earth Our Country Today People and Places in History
Explore the United States E2-E16 L1: Interview with a Geographer L1: Local Government L1: Family History
Social Studies Handbook: H2-H16 L2: Where People Live L2: State Government L2: People Celebrate
L1: Living in a Neighborhood L3: From My Orchard to You L3: Federal Government L3: Landmarks in Our Country
L2: A Walk Through a Community L4: Our Earth's Resources L4: Voting for Leaders L4: A Step Back in Time
L3: Comparing Communities L5: Caring for Our Resources L5: The Land of Freedom L5: Linking Our World
L4: Our State and Our Country      
L5: Our Country is Part of Our World Unit 3 Unit 5  
  Working Together Our Country Long Ago  
  L1: Choosing Goods and Services L1: The First Americans  
  L2: Services in Our Community L2: Colonies  
  L3: Goods from the Factory to You L3: Thirteen Colonies, One Country  
  L4: A trip to the Bank L4: Our Country Grows  
  L5: Countries Trade and Move Goods L5: We Remember Americans