1st Nine Weeks 2nd Nine Weeks 3rd Nine Weeks 4th Nine Weeks
Life Science Ch. 4: Places to Live Unit D: Weather & Sky  Ch. 10:  Changes in Matter
Unit A: Plants L1: Land Habitats Ch. 7: Weather and Seasons L1: Matter Can Change
Ch.1 Plants are Living Things L2: Water Habitats L1: Weather All Around Us L2: Making Mixtures
L1: Learning About Living Things L3: Plants & Animals Live Together L2: The Water Cycle L3: Heat Can Change Matter
L2: Parts of Plants Earth Science L3: Spring and Summer Unit F: Motion & Energy
L3: Different Plants Unit C: Our Earth L4: Fall and Winter Ch. 11: On the Move
Ch. 2: Plants Grow & Change Ch. 5: Looking at Earth Ch. 8 The Sky L1: Position and Motion
L1: Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds L1: What Earth Looks Like L1: The Sky Above L2: Pushes and Pulls
L2: How Plants Grow & Change L2: Rocks and Soil L2: Earth Moves L3: Simple Machines
L3: Plants Live in Many Places L3: Changing the Land L3: Earth's Neighbors L4: Magnets
Unit B: Animals & Their Homes Ch. 6: Caring for Earth Physical Science Ch. 12:  Changes in Matter
Ch. 3: All About Animals L1: Earth's Resources Unit E: Matter L1: Energy & Heat
L1: All Kinds of Animals L2: Using Earth's Resources Ch. 9: Matter  Everywhere L2: Sound
L2: What Animals Need to Live L3: Saving Earth's Resources L1: Describing Matter L3: Light
L3: How Animals Eat Food   L2: Solids L4: Electricity
L4: Animals Grow & Change   L3: Liquids & Gases