"Unleash Your Potential"

I would like to say welcome back to the Linn Bulldogs.  I am sure you all had an excellent summer vacation.  2016/17 marks a major change for Linn Public School.  To begin I am now your new principal.  My name is Tyler Ayers.  I am a graduate of Valley Heights High School.  My undergraduate degree is from Kansas State University, and I have Master's degrees from both Pittsburg State and Emporia State Universities.  I have spent the past eight years in Kansas City as a secondary special education English teacher.  I am very happy to be back in this area to begin my time as a principal.  The Linn community is one of amazing strength and conviction, and I look forward to continuing the tradition that Mr.Savage created.

We have already started the year off with a bang!  Students were super excited on the 18th to get their new Chromebooks, and already staff members have been reworking lessons to deepen the technology in them.  As a group the building has done an amazing job embracing the new technology and being flexible as we overcome unforeseen challenges.  I really appreciate the hard work that everyone has put in to make things go so smoothly.

You will also see an increased amount of Linn Public School on the internet.  With all of the new technology in our building we are pushing students to publish their work digitally.  This means the world will now see the amazing things that the students at Linn are doing.  We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as it will be an excellent source of information.

I am so excited to be here at Linn.  The year is already getting in to full swing.  I encourage everyone in the community to take advantage of the upcoming events.  This week we have Chart Your Course for Juniors and Seniors on the 22nd.  We also have Bulldog Backers "Meet the Bulldogs" on the 26th.  

I again want to thank the Linn community for welcoming me as your new building principal.  I am quickly learning that everyday is a great day to be a bulldog.