Mr. Austin Steinfort

I am excited work with students here at Hanover through Agricultural Education and Industrial Arts. My primary goal is to prepare students with career-ready skills and to let them be known of the opportunities Agriculture as an industry has to offer. I plan to provide opportunities for students to use their mathematics, science, public speaking, and other core subject skills in a way that is applicable in the "real world". Through hands-on learning, FFA activities, and community service, it is my full intention to develop students into well-rounded individuals. 

After 2 years in the Agribusiness program at Southeast Community College - Beatrice, I completed my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Agriculture Education at Kansas State University, with a Minor Degree in Animal Science and Industry.

If in any case you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at (785) 268-0996. Or by e-mail at

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